Baby Led Weaning!

I love, love, love baby led weaning. I love that we can all eat together, us with our knives and forks, and cub with his fingers. I love that we all eat the same thing. I love that he explores food for himself and eats til he’s full: no struggling with getting a spoon in his mouth. And most of all, I love not making purees. I am far too lazy for that. 

Cub has readily tried everything we’ve given him so far, and seems to have a rather massive appetite. He is rather dubious about egg though!

Here he is eating beans on toast.

Note that I forgot the bib, classic mumfail moment!

I am so glad that we chose to wean this way. It feels like the natural thing to do, and it’s so much fun, though it does require a huge tolerance for mess from mum and dad!


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