New year, new me!

It’s a new year, and inevitably, it is diet time.  I basically haven’t stopped eating for the whole of December. I have eaten Chinese, kebabs, Indian, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, mince pies, fish and chips, Christmas dinner, pizza, sausages, the cub’s leftovers, and all kinds of other random nonsense. I have sinned, and it is time to do penance. 

 In a few months, it will be summer, season of exposed flesh. I can’t face a jiggly tummy complex and wobbly bingo wing nightmares. Enough is enough, this starts today.

The rules:

1. No takeaway.

2. No adding salt or sugar to food and drink.

3. Swap white for brown wherever possible (rice, pasta, bread)

4. Eat breakfast every day. (Stops me scoffing mid morning bacon sarnies!)

5. Write down what I eat.

6. Exercise 5 times a week. Doesn’t have to be big scary stuff, even a brisk walk counts.

I will be loosely following the Weightwatchers plan, or at least what I remember of it from last time! I have 2 stone 6 lbs to lose to get down to my pre baby weight. That’s my first goal. Then I shall tackle getting down to my ideal weight, which means losing about the same again. That’s a total loss of about an average mongrel dog, or a sea otter, if you will.  

I am in the #1babyelephant group on Twitter, and also #newyearnewbody. And I am having a competition with my husband to see who can lose the most weight in January. I would love a stone this month, but I am aiming for 10lb. That trophy has my name on it!

To cover the exercise side, I am doing a half marathon on March 7th. I am woefully unprepared, but raring to give it a go- I did one 2 years ago with roughly the same crappy level of preparation, but the fear should be enough to keep me exercising!

I really, really want to do this right now. I feel as if I am made of burgers and kebabs, with lumps of lard binding the bits of mechanically recovered meat together. I want to feel proud of myself, to feel sexy and beautiful and attractive. I’d love to be at my final goal weight before I’m 30- that’s 19 months away.

 So, if you see me tweeting about how I’m doing with this, please say hi! And if you see me anywhere near a biscuit tin, you have permission to intervene. Use tasers and brute force if you must. Thank you!


8 thoughts on “New year, new me!

  1. Best of luck to you!!!!

    I’ve been eating horribly for the past 2 months, too. But it’s the holidays and my husband just got back from a long time away so I was more than happy to cook some comfort grub! I am back to eating healthier for the new year as well. Once you get into you will find it’s the best way, but eating the naughty stuff is OK every once and a while! I will be looking out and be as encouraging as possible! 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

    • Thank you for your support! I’m excited about getting started now! You’re right, moderation is everything, and a good week on the diet always deserves cake. Just a small slice though, not the whole bloody thing! (That’s my problem at the moment!) x

  2. Happy New Year! I know you can do it. I’ve read that it takes around 21 days to reset, for lack of a better word, eating habits. I used to have losing weight as my New Year’s resolution for many years but it would never last and I think the pressure I put on myself would make me feel worse so why not eat more chocolate. This year I’m just going to take it day by day and if I slip, I’ll try not to stress. There’s always tomorrow…..unless I get hit by a bus. 😉 Good Luck!

    • Good luck to you too! Thanks for your support- I am still feeling good about this 4 days in, so that’s just 17 days to go til I’ll be craving lettuce instead of chocolate! And please, look out for those pesky buses, they do get everywhere…

  3. love your post it shows just how hard this is going to be (cutting crap and turning healthy). I share your wobbly belly worries and need to shift it to get back to my healthy self I was before my babies!
    Thank you for joining in fitnessfriday


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