Run, Fat Girl, Run!

Last night I went out for my first run is absolutely ages (not good when there are half marathons looming.) I was dreading it, I had been making excuses not to go for days. Excuses like “I haven’t charged my Ipod” “it’s cold” “I’m tired” “I’ve just eaten” blah blah blah.

At 9pm last night, it looked like I wasn’t going to do any exercise at all that day… then I read all the inspiring comments on twitter from #1babyelephant, #newyearnewbody, and lots of other lovely people. And I thought to myself, fuck it, stop being a loser, sort it out. Squishy sofas do not make firm buttocks. Oh no.

So, I dashed into the bedroom , quickly squeezed into my kit, and got out running. I didn’t give myself a chance to argue. Must have taken about 3 minutes from sofa to pavement.

Outside, it was snowing, that horrible slushy snow that sort of settles and sticks to your face, and it was freezing and windy too. The lycra running tights were stretched so tightly over my festively massive bottom that they gave no protection from the cold whatsoever, and within minutes I couldn’t feel my rump at all.

I went slowly, I whacked my iPod up high, and I just ambled along, with no particular destination in mind.  And you know what? I had an absolutely brilliant time. The cold was invigorating, my body moved freely, and breathing felt easy. At one point I even let out an involuntary “Whooooo!” to Pat Benatar. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone heard!

I ran for about 40 minutes, and stopped while I was still having a great run, way before I had a chance to get tired and miserable. I finished with a sprint and went home with a massive smile on my face. I can’t wait to do it again!


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