Weight loss pics! Before and after

I thought I’d post some pictures here, to give myself a big kick up the bum. Between 2007 and 2009, I lost 7 stone, and was 2 stone (ish) off my goal weight when I got pregnant. The lovely Cub was born 9 months ago, and I am carrying an extra 2 stone of baby weight.

Here’s me at my biggest, dress size 26.

How did I feel about myself then? A bit shit, to be honest, I don’t think many people enjoy being overweight. It wasn’t something I dwelled on a lot, but I knew it wasn’t healthy and I knew something had to be done, I just never got round to it.

But one day, something clicked, I joined a gym, sorted out my diet, and 18 months later….

Here’s me at my smallest, dress size 14/16. I would love to be that size again!

As you can see, not at all what you’d call skinny, and I still had a fair bit of weight to lose, but the fact that I dare to wear a strapless dress speaks volumes. (I want that tan back too, does anyone want to take me on holiday??) I was confident, really happy with my level of fitness, and still losing weight in a really healthy way… right until I got knocked up. Damn you, husband, damn you! Of course I wouldn’t change that for the world but I do wish I had laid off the cakes while I was pregnant.

Now I’m a size 18, so closer to picture 2, but nowhere near as confident or as fit. I was going to post a picture of what I look like now, but I have no full length photos at all- just shows how camera shy I have been for the past few months!

I am totally focussed though, I know I can get back to where I was, and then carry on down to my ideal weight. Bring. It. On.

(PS, I must confess to nicking this idea from my husband- his before and after photos are on his website here . Check it out!)


11 thoughts on “Weight loss pics! Before and after

  1. I lost 5.5 stone two years ago and went to a rather too skinny size 12! Now just stopped myself getting above size 16 but the wardrobe has clothes in several sizes that fit me – shows how bad shop’s are at keeping sizes consistent. I am looking to get to a slim 14 this time as I feel more comfortable at that weight.

    • Well done, it’s bloody hard work isn’t it? I don’t really know what I’m aiming for as the “after” pic above is the smallest I’ve been in my adult life. I don’t think I could ever be smaller than a 12, I am built like a rugby player underneath! Very feminine!

      You’re right about shop’s sizing, I hate shopping so much for that reason!

  2. You look great at a size 26 and after. I think a lot of times it is not just our weight, but our shape. I am size 20 or 22 depending on the outfit, and I look huge!

    You go hot mamma!

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