Fitness Friday: Week 3

Time to reveal the result of my first weigh in of the new year (drum roll)….. 8lbs loss! Yay!!! It’s being a tough week with a sick child and not much sleep, but I haven’t fallen off the wagon. I am giving myself a big pat on the back for that!

Name: Laura
Blog: Cake and Tea Blog
Twitter: @cakeandtealover
Starting Weight: Loads. That’s all I’m saying.
Target Weight: Lots less!
Amount Lost: 8lb this week!!! Hurrah! That’s the first weigh in, so a total of 8lb overall.
Amount to Lose: Now 1st 12lb to get to pre baby weight! That sounds do-able. Then somewhere in the region of 2.5 stone to get my BMI down to where it should be. It sounds better split in two!
Dress Size: 18
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight: Lots of reasons…. I have a wardrobe full of nice summer clothes that I would love to be able to wear this year. I worked so hard to lose weight before I got pregnant, and I am annoyed at myself for gaining again. And I didn’t reach my final goal last time, so I have unfinished business! I want to prove to myself i can do it. I want my fitness back. And I want to look amazing!
Changes To My Fitness Plan: None this week, still trundling on with 4 sessions a week of running, spinning, body pump and kettlebells, in whatever combination suits.
How I Feel This Week Went: Another tough week. The cub has had the bug of doom. Stress levels have been high, sleep levels have been low. Nonetheless, I have stuck to the healthy eating and exercised. I definitely feel fitter already, and spinning is feeling much easier, which is a good sign. The downside is that my thighs are aching so badly I have to limp down stairs, and I make weird moaning noises when I sit down!

I have roughly been doing Weightwatchers, but I think I need to be stricter about writing things down, so that bad habits don’t creep in. Also, I need to start making my own lunches, because I am at the mercy of whatever they decide to serve in the staff canteen at the moment! Sometimes that’s fine, sometimes the food is either gross, or fried. It’s all very school dinners!

I am chuffed to bits at losing 8lbs, and I’m still feeling really motivated. I don’t expect to lose much at all next week because of the big loss this week, so I will just aim for a 1lb loss.

Tips I Would Like To Share:

-Weigh stuff. Maybe not everything you eat, all the time, but make sure you know what a portion of rice, breakfast cereal or pasta looks like. I am crap at portion control, and I usually pour three or four times the suggested 30g serving of cereal if I’m left to my own devices! If I want a bigger serving, that’s fine, but at least I’m not kidding myself that it’s 100 calories if I’ve weighed it!

-Avoid diet foods. Most things labelled low fat are either full of sugar, or come with extra fresh air. Either way, you’ll be starving after half an hour!

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5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Week 3

  1. I’m another one with clothes in my wardrobe that I never wear, all too small for me and I really doubt I’ll ever get in them again. I just don’t have the motivation to lose those extra pounds.

    CJ xx

  2. That’s brilliant!!! Well done you! You’re aiming to lose about the same amount of weight as me I think, I’m doing it in chunks so firstly am trying to lose 1st 7lbs to get back to pre baby weight and then I’d like to lose another 1st 7lbs to get into my ideal BMI thingymabobby. I think breaking it down is a really sensible idea, it’s great to have a big overall goal but reaching it so much easier with a few smaller ones to get you there 🙂
    J x

  3. Just read your comment on my Fitness Friday post so thought I’d pop over to say hi (plus I can’t respond to comments on my blog which is a pain in the neck!).

    Well done on losing 8lb this week, that’s fantastic! I’m not anticipating that big a loss as other than walking I haven’t got the wii fit out this week, other than to weigh myself, but there’s still time I guess!

    Pro Points is pretty much the same as the points system in that everything has a points value, but they’ve just changed the way they award points. So something that was once 2 points may now be 3 or even 1! Because I haven’t done WW recently it hasnt confused me and I’m finding it easy to follow, although my points allowance seems massive but then because they have adjusted the points values and some of them have gone up I suppose it’s all relative. My mum does it back in the Uk and is finding it a little harder as she’s gone straight from knowing the points of everything to having to relearn the pro points of everything, but I guess she’ll get the hang of it soon. They’re doing an offer at the moment which is why I signed up online as its cheaper than going to classes and their online system is better than the Slimming World one I had before so it may be worth a look. You seem to be doing great on your own already though!

    Good Luck this week! x

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