Dear So and So…

Over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Kat has a linky all the Dear So and So posts, where lots of bloggers take the opportunity to get things off their chests. Here’s my first go!


Dear Fire Service,

Did you really need to park outside my house the other night, forcing me to try and get into my drive at a really weird angle? Was there even a fire? I didn’t see any smoke. I didn’t even see any firemen. I am convinced you were just parked there to annoy me.

I tried my best to get the car into the driveway but because you parked your truck in such a ridiculous place, I managed to knock our garden wall down and put a huge dent into the car. This is in no way my fault. I am a great driver.

Yours Seethingly,



Dear Husband,

Thank you for not going mental when I scraped the car and knocked down the wall.

Yours Gratefully,



Dear Philadelphia Light Garlic and Herb,

There is no warning on your packet that this is an extremely smelly product. Now I reek. Thanks a bunch.

Yours Stinkingly,



Dear Cold Bug,

You are evil. Please leave us all alone.

Yours Snottily,



Dear New Sports Bra,

Attempting to eject my left boob during a spinning class is not big or clever. Are you trying to completely humiliate me? There are mirrors all over that spinning studio. I can’t have been the only one who saw that display of free jiggling.  You have failed me.

Duly Mortified,


Dear So and So...


9 thoughts on “Dear So and So…

  1. What a great post! Not great about the firetruck, and the parking fiasco, but in general what a great format!

    Today my letter would be to Dear Crabby/Bitchy/Whiny Co-Worker, You do not look nice. You do not act nice. In our line of work, you come off extremely rude when you expect people to listen to you, but don’t do the same for others. I secretly wish you could go back to kindergarten and re-learn the golden rule. Either that of be nice at least one day of the week. Heck, I’d even settle for one hour!


    ps. Even though you told me on Tuesday that someday I would too, be a crotchety negative-nelly like yourself, I hope you realize that will NEVER happen.

  2. It’s nice to know that other people have similarly annoying & slightly odd problems to me! Apart from the bra, of course.

    You should claim compensation for the wall & car damage, btw. Have you tried yelling & threatening legal action? I’m really into that now.

  3. A very fair bunch of letters indeed.

    You have my commiserations re bad neighbourhood parking jobs causing limited access to the drive and ensuing stress–so very annoying, poor you!

  4. Oh dear re the fire engine story. We currently have a digger living on our street that will shortly be leaving after finishing its work. Unlike you, I will miss the vehicle blocking my drive as it is the only way I can entice my son out of the house in the morning for nursery!

    Great post.

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