5 celebrities I’d love to punch

Kate at Kate Takes 5 usually hosts a weekly listography meme, but this week it’s temporarily over at Metal Mummy. Here’s my go at choosing 5 celebs I’d like to whack round the chops!

1. Tim Lovejoy.

The man is a charisma vacuum, with weird dead eyes. He is blatantly not interested in anything except football. So why does he present a weekend cooking/magazine show? Who gave him a job? Who does he think he is? Why is he there? What’s the point?

2. Peter Kay.

Enough with the fake humble northerness. He was recently on Chris Evans’ show, and Chris asked him what car he drove. He said it was a Mercedes, but he didn’t know what sort- as if  he’s just too humble to care. Of course he knows what he drives, he probably spent weeks choosing it, he just doesn’t want to be seen as not “one of us,” since that’s what his whole persona is- the cheeky northerner who is “just like us.” I hate that his act is entirely based on northern sterotypes, and I hate that all his material is basically the same, and I hate his stupid shiny face.

PS, I am northern.

3. Ricky Gervais.

Smug. Laughs at own jokes. Smug. Can’t bear his harem of performing bum kissing monkeys (the lanky one, the thick one… ) Can’t bear his smug face.

4. Rory Bremner.

Impressionists freak me out- it’s like wearing a mask but not wearing a mask. A weird invisible mask. It confuses me, and I don’t like it one bit. It makes me cringe so much I can’t actually watch.

This actually applies to any impressionist, and I am well aware that I may be alone on this one!

5. Frankie Boyle.

All his comedy seems to encourage us to laugh at the misfortune of others. It’s getting old. I just find him repulsive. Hateful man. Needs a proper punch.

Ooh, I feel better now! Deep breath… and relax….


4 thoughts on “5 celebrities I’d love to punch

  1. I like how my list prompt is like therapy!

    I’m glad I have done justice for Kate when she hasn’t been here to do it.

    Great list. And completely agree with impressionists. They make my skin crawl. x

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