Fitness Friday: Week 4

And the result of weigh in number two is…. -3lb! I am very, very pleased indeed, as I had such a big loss last week and didn’t really expect to lose anything. Here’s how my week went. You can read all the other Fitness Friday entries at the Monkeying Around blog.

Name: Laura
Blog: Cake and Tea Blog
Twitter: @cakeandtealover
Starting Weight: Loads. That’s all I’m saying.
Target Weight: Lots less!
Amount Lost: 3lb this week! That’s a total of 11lb overall.
Amount to Lose: Now 1st 9lb to get to pre baby weight! Then somewhere in the region of 2.5 stone to get my BMI down to where it should be. It sounds better split in two!
Dress Size: 18
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight: Lots of reasons…. I have a wardrobe full of nice summer clothes that I would love to be able to wear this year. I worked so hard to lose weight before I got pregnant, and I am annoyed at myself for gaining again. And I didn’t reach my final goal last time, so I have unfinished business! I want to prove to myself i can do it. I want my fitness back. And I want to look amazing!
Changes To My Fitness Plan: Not really planning any severe changes, but I am going out for a 7 mile run with my husband this weekend.  We haven’ t run together since before I was pregnant, so I am strangely excited about it! It’ll be like a weird, sweaty date!
How I Feel This Week Went: The bug of doom is still lingering in our household, and really got hold of me at the weekend, so I had a couple of days off exercise. I didn’t let this get me off track with my diet, so I still ate well. I’m really pleased that this didn’t set me back too much, as sometimes a couple of days out of your routine is enough to get you off track completely.

I have started tracking what I eat at Livestrong, which is a free site where you can track what you eat and the exercise that you do, and also make some pretty weight loss graphs! I’m finding this really helpful, as I always think making yourself accountable by tracking everything that goes into your mouth is a great way to stay focussed.

This week, I have started on the mini pill to control my bonkers PMT, and it seems to be doing weird things to my body… so if I post a gain next week I will need lots of support to keep me on track please!!

Also, does anyone have any tips for reminding yourself to drink more water through the day? I am rubbish at this, and I’m sure I’m permanently dehydrated- not good when you’re exercising and breastfeeding!

Tips I Would Like To Share:

– Try one of the free food tracking websites, they’re really easy to use and really motivating when you see yourself do well.

– Preparation is everything.  If you’re going out to eat, check menus online beforehand, and choose a healthy option, so you know what you’re having before you get there. I find if I turn up to a restaurant hungry, I am inclined to order one of everything!


12 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Week 4

  1. Good Job! Congrats on your weight loss. I drink lots of water through out the day. What I have done is, I bought myself 24 oz Tervis tumbler with lid and straw. I keep it filled with water. I know that I need to drink 3 full tumblers a day. That gives me the equivalent of 9 glasses of water a day. I find that I drink more if I have a straw in my cup. The liquid seems to disappear faster! LOL Good Luck

    • Trying my best, thank you for the support! I think that’s the answer, I’m too lazy to walk to the vending machine at work for the world’s tiniest cups of water so I need to start taking my own!

  2. Yay for losing 3 pounds! Good for you! I drink from a water bottle all day and try to treat it like it’s an extra appendage so I won’t forget it. 😉 Only problem is my little girl LOVES water bottles so she’ll always grab them and take off with it. On the plus side, I’m burning some calories when I run after her trying to get my water bottle back. 😀

    Just wanted to let you know that I want to lose some extra weight and you’ve been inspiring me so thank you for that.

  3. I think now it was you amongst others that tagged me whatever that is in the meme whatever that is about blog posting about 7 random facts about me. I have mentioned your blog in my post about 7 things you don’t know or may not know about me and hope it drives traffic your way and if you want to tell us 7 more things about you, well that would be cool too

  4. Hi Laura! I’ve just finished reading alot of your blog. Let me just say, it brings back so many memories of my kids as babies. The hard stuff, the joys and those ADORABLE pictures!
    As for the weight loss – you’re doing outstanding! You must be working those muscles hard 🙂

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