And the result for January is…

Woo-hoo, I’ve lost 13lb in January!!! You can read all the other Fitness Friday entries at the Monkeying Around blog.

Name: Laura
Blog: Cake and Tea Blog
Twitter: @cakeandtealover
Starting Weight: Loads. That’s all I’m saying.
Target Weight: Lots less!
Amount Lost: 2lb this week. That’s a total of 13lb overall.
Amount to Lose: Now 1st 7lb to get to pre baby weight! Then somewhere in the region of 2.5 stone to get my BMI down to where it should be. It sounds better split in two!
Dress Size: 18
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight: Lots of reasons…. I have a wardrobe full of nice summer clothes that I would love to be able to wear this year. I worked so hard to lose weight before I got pregnant, and I am annoyed at myself for gaining again. And I didn’t reach my final goal last time, so I have unfinished business! I want to prove to myself i can do it. I want my fitness back. And I want to look amazing!
Changes To My Fitness Plan: More running. I really need to be doing some longer distances to get round this half marathon alive. I have started with two 10k runs this week, and will build up my distances over the next month… hopefully!
How I Feel This Week Went:

I’m a bit out of synch with Fitness Friday because I do weekend weigh ins. But today I am covering the last two weigh ins, which brings me back up to date.

Weigh in 1- I put on 1lb! I was gutted! I’d worked my arse off in the gym, and looking back at my entries, there wasn’t much wrong with my diet either. If I had to put the gain down to something, then it could be any of the following-

– Not drinking enough water

– Starting on the mini pill, which sent my body a bit nuts

– Stress and sleeplessness (Cub is feeling much better but still not sleeping well!)

– Still having cold. That does weird things to my body too!

Nonetheless, for whatever reason the result wasn’t great. But what I have learnt is that sometimes you can do everything right and not get the result you want. At those times, you need to take an honest look at what you have done that week, and see if you can do anything differently. And if you really, honestly, truly think there was nothing wrong, then you need to accept that sometimes the scales are bastards, take it with a pinch of salt, and keep going- losing weight is a mental battle as much as it is a physical one, and keeping the motivation going is everything.

So, I had a sulk, dusted myself off, and kept going.  Right up until…

Weigh in 2 – I lost 3lb! Yay! Now, the second week was, on paper, far worse than the first. It included an immense all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet, where I managed to eat 7 slices (I still see “all you can eat” as a competitive sport…) I only managed to exercise 3 times too, which is less than the week before, but somehow, I lost weight this week. Gods of the Scales, I will never understand your freaky little ways.

This left me a total of 13lb down for January! I am so happy with this result, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough. My husband lost 14lb and has won the January weight loss challenge! Well done to him for an amazing result! You can read about his week here.

(Can I just point out that I had a bigger % weight loss though?)

Tips I Would Like To Share:

– Scales are evil. Sometimes you do everything right, and they give you a number you don’t like. Prepare for that to happen, and stay focussed when it does. Don’t let it set you back.

– Setting small goals works best for me- setting a weight loss goal for a month is always good, or setting yourself a goal of losing the next half a stone is another good one. Small steps all add up to a big success!


12 thoughts on “And the result for January is…

  1. Laura – FANTASTIC! I know what you mean about the totally inexplicable, evil scales. But, it sounds like the running is starting to really pay off. I was over to the Bear and gave him a shout on his hard work.

    ps. I say weight percentage WINS!!!

  2. Congratulations on your progress! I hope your husband doesn’t get injured again on his run – it’s so hard to rest that little bit extra time (I usually go back too soon too!), so I can sympathise with him still wanting to do it.

    Exercising three times a week is good btw – if that’s all you can fit in then don’t beat yourself up over it – better to do a consistent three times than burn out trying to fit more in!

    • Thank you for your support! I know 3 times is good, but when you honestly could’ve done more and you just didn’t, then it feels a bit rubbish! I need to remind myself that three months ago, the number of times I was exercising was a big fat zero!!!

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