Review: Shloer White Grape and Rose

A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly sent a couple of bottles of Shloer to review.  These are right up my alley! As you might know, I don’t drink (well, hardly ever- I’m not teetotal, I just don’t drink much- here’s why!) But at those special occasions (or just a Tuesday night when you feel a little bit fancy) it’s great to have a soft drink that feels more sophisticated than your usual glass of squash.

I was sent a white grape and a rose flavour to try, and they were both lovely.  The white grape is light and crisp, and the rose is pink, fizzy, girly and gorgeous. They disappeared from our fridge very quickly indeed! The new packaging is great too, really fresh and appealing.

Fruity, sparkling and a bit extra special- you don’t feel daft putting Shloer in a wine glass, so it’s great for a posh but boozeless meal.  And even better, it contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. Perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding mums!

Shloer is available from all good supermarkets.


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