Lazy blogger’s fitness update!

Right, I know I’ve been rubbish at updating my blog lately, so here’s a quick update on the diet/fitness/weight loss situation.

I am now 22lbs down from my January 1st weight, with 12lbs more to shift to get to my pre-baby weight! (Then another stone or two or three… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…)

I started doing Weightwatchers online about four weeks ago as I was plateauing and wanted to try something new, and it seems to be working! Hurrah!!! I’m finding it easy to follow, and I’m also feeling motivated to keep going, which is great. I like the flexibility of the new pro points system, and I do tend to use up all my treat points! Nom nom nom.

And the fitness? In a way, it’s going great. I’m well into my spinning and body pump at the moment and I feel much much better. But I did set out to do running… and it’s not happening. I missed the half marathon last week, because I had a nasty cold and couldn’t really breathe, but to be honest I was woefully undertrained anyway. Ah well. I blame winter. But huge congratulations to my husband who did make it round, I am very proud of him indeed! He is amazing, and has a lovely shiny medal!

So, what I’ve learned in the last month or so, is that staying realistic is a good thing. It’s not a good time for me to be taking on huge challenges, so I’ll do the small things well instead. At first, I was gutted that I couldn’t do the half marathon- but I didn’t realistically have time to train for it, due to illness and general life and busyness. But I have kept up the exercise and stuck to my diet. I have lost weight steadily, and and I feel happier in my own skin. So that’s a huge success! Bring on the next few weeks of sensibleness, reasonableness and gentle moderation! How very British.


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