Review: Barry M Cosmetics

Barry M kindly sent me 5 products to review from their beautiful, colourful range of cosmetics. Barry M is a truly British brand, founded in 1982 and with their head office and factory still in London.  And even better, Barry M Cosmetics have never tested their finished products or ingredients on animals.

I received a pot of purple Dazzle Dust, a liquid Glitter Eyeliner, a lip pencil, a Nail Paint, and a rather snazzy bottle of Instant Nail Effects.

I adored the Dazzle Dust- I already have this in gold and I use it loads. The colours are bright and intense and last really well.  And there’s such a vibrant range of shades to choose from!

The Metallic Liquid Eyeliner was fabulous- I tried it in Black, and found it easier to apply than pencil, and it lasted well even with my watery contact lens wearing eyes.

I was sent a Lip Laquer crayon in cherry red- unfortunately the colour just wasn’t me, (I’ve been trying to pull of red lips for years without success!) but I did like the texture- the colour was intense but the feel was lightweight, so I think in the right colour it would be something I might use a lot.

But my favourite thing was playing with the nail colours! I received Nail paint in Berry Ice cream along with the Intstant Nail Effects.

The nail polish colour on its own was lovely

But if you fancy something a little different, you can pain the Instant Nail Effects over the top.  Just paint it on like an extra layer, and it will magically separate on its own and leave you with a really cool effect like this:

Awesome, easy and cheap at £3.99! Comes in white pink and blue as well as black.  It stayed on for ages too. Loved it!!!

For more info on Barry M products, please see


2 thoughts on “Review: Barry M Cosmetics

  1. I used to use their dazzle dust back in the day when I was still able to go clubbing without falling asleep … and I’ve just run out of my favourite lip gloss 😦 Scraped every last scrap out! Love Barry M I do.

    • Ah, clubbing without falling asleep…. I could do that if they opened in the afternoon, and served pots of tea, and had big squishy sofas. Seems I’m just not cool anymore!!! (Who am I kidding? I’ve never been cool…)

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