I think I’ve reached the good part…

Cub has just turned one, and I have to say, I am absolutely loving being a mum at the moment.

I make no secret of the fact that I found the first year really hard. For the first three or four months, he was colicky, refluxy, and generally fussy. That gave way at about four months, and we had a couple of lovely months when I started to get back the sanity that I thought I’d lost forever! Then we hit teething at six months, which seemed to continue for an eternity. At nine months, he started nursery, and picked up every bug going. Another two disastrous months with no sleep followed…

Don’t get me wrong, I would never say I didn’t enjoy the first year.  It was as amazing as it was difficult, and no matter how little sleep I’ve had, I would still do anything for the little man. But God, young babies are hard work! Really hard work!  There are people out there who think that the newborn period is the best. I regard these people with suspicion. I fear they have faulty memories- that, or nannies.

My newborn cried, a lot. I’m sure they all do. He was extremely cute, but you can’t really play with a newborn. You can’t even raise a smile for weeks! Tough crowd!

But now, he’s turned into a gorgeous, proper little person.  I sing, and he giggles. I dance, and he tries to copy me. He hears music, and he bobbles his head around like a nodding dog.  He waves and claps high fives, and he can say Mama. He squeals with happiness when we push him on the swing, and chuckles at the ducks on the pond. I’m sure he thinks dogs are strange little men doing a funny walk, and he laughs at every one that we see when we’re out.

He sees a goat and tries to climb it, because the world is a climbing frame….

He chats to himself constantly in his own language, and greets Mummy and Daddy with the biggest smiles. And he has his own, quirky little sense of humour. Light switches, animals, noses and tongues are all hilarious!

He has a personality all of his own. He is boisterous and energetic and curious. He is independent and loving and carefree.

Maybe I’m just not a tiny baby person. The first part was fascinating. But this is pure joy.


7 thoughts on “I think I’ve reached the good part…

  1. Congratulations on your first year of motherhood! 1 year under your belt. Hooray for you Mommy. Our son’s first year is fast approaching as well. Wishing the best for the next round. Cynthia

  2. I love the thought that dogs are strange small men! And to be fair, light switches can be *quite* funny sometimes…

    In my experience it just keeps getting better and more fun, still hard yes, but all good. Thanks for joining in and hope to see you next month 🙂

  3. I found the first few months or so a bit of a nightmare. I think everybody does, really, they just don’t admit it!! Yay for honesty – I will always admit that I struggled for a bit, if it means it helps a new mum feel better herself 🙂
    Now my baby girl is 5 months, and her personality is shining through more strongly each day. Yeah, sure, sometimes she gets on my nerves, but I reckon she’s so similar to me that she’s bound to – and vice versa. It’s my husband I feel sorry for – two of us to cope with… ha ha
    Nice blog, am enjoying having a nose around. I also love tea and cake, perhaps a bit too much…

    • Thank you, that’s very kind! I wish people would just tell you that the first few months are bloody awful with a some really nice bits, rather than lovely with a bit of tiredness! People lie!!!

  4. People DO lie!! I am NEVER going to lie about motherhood, it’s bloody hard work and hair-tearingly frustrating sometimes… luckily the good bits more than compensate for the bad bits… ah I bet I put off a good few prospective mums with my tales of woe… hee hee 😉

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