Mumra playlist- Week 9

I’ve never joined in with Mumra’s Playlist before, but I thought I’d give it a go this week- coming very late to it in week 9! Each week, Mumra sets a theme to inspire bloggers, who pick one of their favourite tunes for everyone else to listen to. Click the link at the bottom to listen to all the other entries!

This week’s theme is “This song reminds me of you”

I’ve picked the song that most reminds me of my husband.  It was our first dance at our wedding. I love the lyrics, and the video is so lovely. If you’ve never seen this before, please give it a watch, it’s so simple, and very emotional.

The song is “First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Enjoy.

Mumra Playlist


2 thoughts on “Mumra playlist- Week 9

  1. Aw, this is lovely.

    What a fab song for your hubby…quite gorgeous!

    Thank you for joining in with the playlists, hope to see you our way again soon. x

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