The baby who ate everything…

Today, the cub and I went for a lovely afternoon in a local country park. I thought we could feed the ducks, play on the swings, and have some sandwiches and cake for tea.

At the park shop, they sold bags of bird seed for the bargain price of 30p. Cub has been having lots of fun throwing things lately, so I thought I’d try to get him to throw the bird seed to the ducks. I showed him how to do it, several times, and his little eyes lit up, and he goo’ed and gah’ed excitedly… I thought he was all ready to give it a go. I was very wrong… he actually grabbed a handful of seed, eyed it thoughtfully for a moment, and greedily stuffed it into his mouth.

It’s just seeds, right, how harmful can that be???

After trying to retrieve the seed from his mouth, I thought I’d continue trying to feed the ducks myself, so that he could see them waddling and quacking up close. Not a chance. After his first mouthful of that delicious bird seed, he’d got the taste for it, and tried to steal the bag back. Then he threw an almighty strop because the birds were getting the tasty seed and he wasn’t.

Duck feeding abandoned. Off to the playpark.

First we went on the swings (huge hit,) then the slide (met with mostly indifference.) Then I thought I’d let him have an explore.

This particular playground is all built on a giant sandpit, rather than squidgy flooring or grass. So, I set him down on the sand, expecting him to crawl off, play with the sand, or… something.

First he looked a bit confused by this new flooring. Then, he grabbed a huge handful of sand, and, quick as a flash, stuffed it in his mouth. I looked on in horror. You would think he would have cried, or looked disgusted, or spat it out, but no. He looked a little surprised by the texture, but was not put off. He grabbed another handful, and tried to eat that too. That one I did manage to intercept.

Play park abandoned. Off to the cafe.

I ordered a painini (for bloody six pounds bloody fifty) and a caramel shortbread, with the intention of us sharing both of them. I cut the sandwich into manageable strips, and the cake into cubes. And did he reach out eagerly and stuff them in his mouth? Nope. He played with a bit of cake, sucked it for a bit, and threw it on the floor. The sandwich was completely ignored. Obviously not sandy or seedy enough.

Good job he’s cute.


20 thoughts on “The baby who ate everything…

  1. Haha! My boy is in the same stage of eating only the grossest and most inedible stuff he can find! I’ll never understand how chewing on a paper napkin can taste better than a peanut butter sandwich!

  2. (Here from Blog Gems) HA! I recall going to the supermarket to buy fresh bread before we went duck feeding as daughter ate more than the ducks and I also recall her eating sand off a spade on the beach *sigh* It’s a phase (for the cutest of kids!) and I hope it quickly passes for you XX

  3. (From Blog Gems) That is so cute, funny, and nasty all at the same time! I can relate; my son just recently ate dog food and refused to spit it out. I tried giving him some juice to wash it down (so he wouldn’t be stuck with the dog food flavor in his mouth) and he refused that too. I do not understand boys! lol

    • Eew, dog food! Actually, he did have a go at dog biscuits at the grandparents house too. How weird that they aren’t repulsed by the taste… well I guess it’s good enough for dogs… Thanks for commenting!

  4. Yes, he is cute. : )
    My second daughter would always do that, thankfully she out grew it. She will still eat an entire apple though, meaning seeds, stem and all… maybe she hasn’t completely outgrown it yet after all.. ; )

    Over from blog gems.

  5. You are so not alone! My 2 year old stills puts everything into his mouth. And my sister had the bright idea to give him chalk shaped like an ice cream cone for Easter. I think you can guess what he did with that chalk!

    Thanks for participating in Blog Gems!

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