I’m at the Five F’s!

Kate at the Five F’s hosts  ‘My Fitness Story,’ a series of guest posts where bloggers write about their fitness journeys.  This week it’s my turn! Read all about how me and my lovely other half lost a ton of weight, had a baby, got stressed out, gained a bit back, and are now on the straight and narrow again!

The post is here

Kate’s blog is fantastic, and definitely worth a read!


4 thoughts on “I’m at the Five F’s!

  1. I just read your story and it’s amazing, well done to both of you! Me and my OH need to get ourselves into gear, I cant imagine ever thinking we’d *want* to go out for a run or even run a marathon! But I guess the more you do something the easier/more fun it gets!

    Thanks for the inspiration think I’ll stay away from the chocolate this Easter and go for a nice family walk as a start!!

    • Thank you! The first steps are the hardest- when I was at my biggest, I never would have dreamt that I would be running! But it’s amazing how fast you can build fitness. Good luck and do let me know how you get on!! x

  2. Bloody hell, that’s an amazing story. Can’t believe the difference in the photos – you’re a total legend! Good luck, sounds like you give each other great support xxx

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