Mumra playlist- Week 9

I’ve never joined in with Mumra’s Playlist before, but I thought I’d give it a go this week- coming very late to it in week 9! Each week, Mumra sets a theme to inspire bloggers, who pick one of their favourite tunes for everyone else to listen to. Click the link at the bottom to listen to all the other entries!

This week’s theme is “This song reminds me of you”

I’ve picked the song that most reminds me of my husband.  It was our first dance at our wedding. I love the lyrics, and the video is so lovely. If you’ve never seen this before, please give it a watch, it’s so simple, and very emotional.

The song is “First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Enjoy.

Mumra Playlist


The baby who ate everything…

Today, the cub and I went for a lovely afternoon in a local country park. I thought we could feed the ducks, play on the swings, and have some sandwiches and cake for tea.

At the park shop, they sold bags of bird seed for the bargain price of 30p. Cub has been having lots of fun throwing things lately, so I thought I’d try to get him to throw the bird seed to the ducks. I showed him how to do it, several times, and his little eyes lit up, and he goo’ed and gah’ed excitedly… I thought he was all ready to give it a go. I was very wrong… he actually grabbed a handful of seed, eyed it thoughtfully for a moment, and greedily stuffed it into his mouth.

It’s just seeds, right, how harmful can that be???

After trying to retrieve the seed from his mouth, I thought I’d continue trying to feed the ducks myself, so that he could see them waddling and quacking up close. Not a chance. After his first mouthful of that delicious bird seed, he’d got the taste for it, and tried to steal the bag back. Then he threw an almighty strop because the birds were getting the tasty seed and he wasn’t.

Duck feeding abandoned. Off to the playpark.

First we went on the swings (huge hit,) then the slide (met with mostly indifference.) Then I thought I’d let him have an explore.

This particular playground is all built on a giant sandpit, rather than squidgy flooring or grass. So, I set him down on the sand, expecting him to crawl off, play with the sand, or… something.

First he looked a bit confused by this new flooring. Then, he grabbed a huge handful of sand, and, quick as a flash, stuffed it in his mouth. I looked on in horror. You would think he would have cried, or looked disgusted, or spat it out, but no. He looked a little surprised by the texture, but was not put off. He grabbed another handful, and tried to eat that too. That one I did manage to intercept.

Play park abandoned. Off to the cafe.

I ordered a painini (for bloody six pounds bloody fifty) and a caramel shortbread, with the intention of us sharing both of them. I cut the sandwich into manageable strips, and the cake into cubes. And did he reach out eagerly and stuff them in his mouth? Nope. He played with a bit of cake, sucked it for a bit, and threw it on the floor. The sandwich was completely ignored. Obviously not sandy or seedy enough.

Good job he’s cute.

I think I’ve reached the good part…

Cub has just turned one, and I have to say, I am absolutely loving being a mum at the moment.

I make no secret of the fact that I found the first year really hard. For the first three or four months, he was colicky, refluxy, and generally fussy. That gave way at about four months, and we had a couple of lovely months when I started to get back the sanity that I thought I’d lost forever! Then we hit teething at six months, which seemed to continue for an eternity. At nine months, he started nursery, and picked up every bug going. Another two disastrous months with no sleep followed…

Don’t get me wrong, I would never say I didn’t enjoy the first year.  It was as amazing as it was difficult, and no matter how little sleep I’ve had, I would still do anything for the little man. But God, young babies are hard work! Really hard work!  There are people out there who think that the newborn period is the best. I regard these people with suspicion. I fear they have faulty memories- that, or nannies.

My newborn cried, a lot. I’m sure they all do. He was extremely cute, but you can’t really play with a newborn. You can’t even raise a smile for weeks! Tough crowd!

But now, he’s turned into a gorgeous, proper little person.  I sing, and he giggles. I dance, and he tries to copy me. He hears music, and he bobbles his head around like a nodding dog.  He waves and claps high fives, and he can say Mama. He squeals with happiness when we push him on the swing, and chuckles at the ducks on the pond. I’m sure he thinks dogs are strange little men doing a funny walk, and he laughs at every one that we see when we’re out.

He sees a goat and tries to climb it, because the world is a climbing frame….

He chats to himself constantly in his own language, and greets Mummy and Daddy with the biggest smiles. And he has his own, quirky little sense of humour. Light switches, animals, noses and tongues are all hilarious!

He has a personality all of his own. He is boisterous and energetic and curious. He is independent and loving and carefree.

Maybe I’m just not a tiny baby person. The first part was fascinating. But this is pure joy.

Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day 2012

Dads, take note. Mother’s day is important to those ladies in your life.  If you felt like yesterday didn’t go to plan, take heed of these pointers for next year…

DO Let your lady have a long, luxurious, quiet lie in. She is a mother, therefore she will be very tired. Keep the children away, don’t ask where anything is. Just let her sleep.

DON’T let her get out of bed at 7 because the baby is crying and you’re too busy with a marathon 30 minute session on the bog.

DO prepare her favourite breakfast in bed, or encourage the children to help if they are old enough.  Tea and toast, scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, whatever floats her boat. A fresh flower on the tray would be an excellent touch.

DON’T let her trudge around making the baby porridge, feeding the baby his porridge, then getting covered in said porridge.  Then swearing a bit. Especially not if she’s not had a cup of tea yet.

DO buy a present. One that you’ve put some thought into. Cost is not important, but the thought behind the gesture is.

DON’T present her with a Tesco carrier bag with a bear in it, blatantly grabbed in a hurry, and with a rubbish apology about not having had time to write the card. You’ve known for a year that this day was coming around.

DO offer to run her a bath, make her tea and generally spoil her rotten.

DON’T tell her that she has stinky breath, if she hasn’t had time to clean her teeth yet, due to the above points. Not cool.

And a tip for the baby of the house… If daddy offers to change all the nappies for the day, but has failed to meet the above requirements….

DO Poo six times. Six stinky, sticky big poos for daddy.*

Cub, you made my Mother’s day with your stinky little bum! Thank you, and I love you lots! xxx

*Yep, he actually did poo six times. It was the day after his birthday party and he’d obviously been given little bits of party food from everyone, all day long. Bum activity has now returned to normal. Amazing comedy!

(Nearly) 12 months of babyness in pictures!

My little boy is one this month!! I can’t believe it! There’s a little monster in my house, hellbent on destroying everything in his path, constantly chewing on something unidentifiable that he’s found in the carpet, and shouting! Shouting a lot, loudly, and not at anything in particular! Where did my tiny baby go? Where did the last 12 months go? Well, here they are, in glorious technicolour!


1 month

2 months

3 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

11 and a bit months

It’s all gone too fast! I’ll have first birthday pictures to post soon, and I’ve got a birthday cake to make! Better get a move on!

Review: Preshoes

Imagine how excited I was when these beautiful Preshoes arrived at my house last week!

Preshoes are gorgeously soft leather baby shoes. They have an anti slip suede sole which is thick enough to keep baby warm and protected, but thin enough so that they can feel the ground as they learn to balance.  They are wipe clean, comfortable, soft and practical.

They slip on, and they stay on- and I have a baby who loves to pull off anything on his feet, but for some reason these were allowed to stay! Hallelujah! They really are beautifully made, colourful, soft and practical, and come in four sizes for children of 0-24 months. I would recommend these to anyone.  Here are some more of my favourite designs from the website:



See the full range at

Review: Barry M Cosmetics

Barry M kindly sent me 5 products to review from their beautiful, colourful range of cosmetics. Barry M is a truly British brand, founded in 1982 and with their head office and factory still in London.  And even better, Barry M Cosmetics have never tested their finished products or ingredients on animals.

I received a pot of purple Dazzle Dust, a liquid Glitter Eyeliner, a lip pencil, a Nail Paint, and a rather snazzy bottle of Instant Nail Effects.

I adored the Dazzle Dust- I already have this in gold and I use it loads. The colours are bright and intense and last really well.  And there’s such a vibrant range of shades to choose from!

The Metallic Liquid Eyeliner was fabulous- I tried it in Black, and found it easier to apply than pencil, and it lasted well even with my watery contact lens wearing eyes.

I was sent a Lip Laquer crayon in cherry red- unfortunately the colour just wasn’t me, (I’ve been trying to pull of red lips for years without success!) but I did like the texture- the colour was intense but the feel was lightweight, so I think in the right colour it would be something I might use a lot.

But my favourite thing was playing with the nail colours! I received Nail paint in Berry Ice cream along with the Intstant Nail Effects.

The nail polish colour on its own was lovely

But if you fancy something a little different, you can pain the Instant Nail Effects over the top.  Just paint it on like an extra layer, and it will magically separate on its own and leave you with a really cool effect like this:

Awesome, easy and cheap at £3.99! Comes in white pink and blue as well as black.  It stayed on for ages too. Loved it!!!

For more info on Barry M products, please see