Hurrah, I broke my plateau! Then ate some pies.

About a month ago now, I posted that I was struggling with a weight loss plateau, and that I was aiming to break through it in two weeks.

I’d like to report that I did it! In those two weeks, I lost 4lb! I didn’t really do anything special, just a real back to basics approach- tracking what I ate religiously, cutting out processed food, and making sure I got enough exercise in.

Just goes to show that a little bit of focus can really pay off!

But then, I went on holiday! And, my god, did I take my eye off the ball! I ate far too much cake, too many big meals out, just too much of everything. And since getting back at the weekend, I’ve struggled to get back on the wagon, big style. The 4lb has gone back on… though I’m not totally despairing because it’s also time of the month for me right now. I’m attributing the gain to excess water and ignoring the level of pie consumption…

What I need is a cunning plan.

In 5 weeks, me and the husband are off to Rome.  Alone! With no cub! I am so excited I could actually squeal. So that’s my next milestone. I’d like to be 5lb lighter than I was 10 days ago, before I started stuffing my face again.

That will mean that I only have 3lb of baby weight to shift, and take me to a loss of 2st 3lb since 1st Jan.

This is me taking a deep breath and reluctantly getting back on the lettuce wagon. Sensible food and lots of exercise for just one month. How hard can that be?

Goodbye cake…. for now… but in 5 weeks time, bring on the gelato, pizza, and pasta!


Boot camp? Really???

For the last two Sundays, two of the hottest days that Britain has ever seen (this may be a slight exaggeration…) I have spent the morning sweating ungracefully at a boot camp. Yes, that’s a BOOT CAMP.

We have managed to wangle some regular Sunday morning babysitting, and the lovely husband suggested I join him at his weekly boot camp.  I have seen the state he’s in after his Sunday morning beatings, and it’s not pretty. But I said yes anyway, because I’m not a wuss. (I am a wuss. But don’t tell anyone.)

I am  not a boot camp kind of girl.

I don’t like being shouted at. I don’t enjoy competition (unless I am really, really, really good at something, like Guitar Hero, or poker.) I hate burpees. Don’t know what a burpee is? Have a look at this video. It’s the most evil exercise of all. And even worse if you’re carrying a little weight. Ahem. At boot camp, they are very fond of burpees. They make us do the ‘expert’ version with the jump:

So, the first week, me, the lovely husband, and his little brother rocked up for our beating.  Me and the little brother were bloody terrified.  We stood around nervously chatting for a bit, and I had that horrible nervous-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach feeling that you get before an exam.  The trainer leading the session bounced up with a freakish and worrying amount of energy, and explained the warm up. Basically, a four mile run, in scorching heat. We all plodded off, muttering miserably, and I set up camp at the back of the pack.

I won’t lie, it was hard. Normally, a four mile run wouldn’t bother me, but I was comparing myself to all the other people in the class, and realizing just how much work I need to do to get up to a really decent level of fitness.  And I was sweating like crazy.

It was an out and back route, and once the fastest runner got to the furthest point, we all turned back, so as to keep the group together.   I made it back in fourth place because I never stopped running, when at least half the class wilted in the sun and ended up walking. Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling too bad at all.

The rest of the first class involved hill sprints and burpees and squats. In the midday sun. Evil, evil, evil. And yes, I was the slowest in the class, but I gritted my teeth and kept going when others melted and gave up once again. I ended up knackered, but feeling like I’d achieved something.

So, this week, I went back for more.

Today, we did a hilly running circuit of 1/2 mile, followed by a series of burpees. Followed by another lap of 1/2 mile. Then more burpees. Repeat ad nauseum, quite literally.

I managed 7 laps. I am still the slowest runner in the class, but completed an average number of laps, because I kept going, at my own pace, didn’t walk once, didn’t stop ever.  At the end, the instructor said that I was “amazing,”  “a warrior” and “an inspiration.” I was chuffed to bits.

Do you know what? I am a warrior. A sweaty, bloody minded, girly warrior, carrying a little baby weight, bringing up the rear of the class, and not letting it stop me.

Maybe I am a boot camp kind of girl after all.

Lazy blogger’s fitness update!

Right, I know I’ve been rubbish at updating my blog lately, so here’s a quick update on the diet/fitness/weight loss situation.

I am now 22lbs down from my January 1st weight, with 12lbs more to shift to get to my pre-baby weight! (Then another stone or two or three… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…)

I started doing Weightwatchers online about four weeks ago as I was plateauing and wanted to try something new, and it seems to be working! Hurrah!!! I’m finding it easy to follow, and I’m also feeling motivated to keep going, which is great. I like the flexibility of the new pro points system, and I do tend to use up all my treat points! Nom nom nom.

And the fitness? In a way, it’s going great. I’m well into my spinning and body pump at the moment and I feel much much better. But I did set out to do running… and it’s not happening. I missed the half marathon last week, because I had a nasty cold and couldn’t really breathe, but to be honest I was woefully undertrained anyway. Ah well. I blame winter. But huge congratulations to my husband who did make it round, I am very proud of him indeed! He is amazing, and has a lovely shiny medal!

So, what I’ve learned in the last month or so, is that staying realistic is a good thing. It’s not a good time for me to be taking on huge challenges, so I’ll do the small things well instead. At first, I was gutted that I couldn’t do the half marathon- but I didn’t realistically have time to train for it, due to illness and general life and busyness. But I have kept up the exercise and stuck to my diet. I have lost weight steadily, and and I feel happier in my own skin. So that’s a huge success! Bring on the next few weeks of sensibleness, reasonableness and gentle moderation! How very British.

My name is Laura and I am a binge eater.

Since January 1st, I have been trying really hard to lose weight. Right up until this Thursday, it’s been going great. I’ve been focussed, I’ve exercised, and I lost 16lbs in 5 weeks.

Today’s weigh in says that I’ve gained 5lb in three days. Wow.

No excuses. I have gained weight because for the last three days, I have not stopped shovelling junk food into my face.

Disaster #1- This week, we have been in teething hell with the cub. No sleep, lots of crying. Stress, exhaustion, and tears all round.

Disaster #2 -My parents have been visiting. I have felt the need to entertain them, which has meant that I’ve been completely out of my routine, and has somehow meant me cooking lots of high calorie foods.  They also brought a box of chocolates. I ate the lot in less than 24 hours.

Disaster #3- Valentines day. I got bought more chocolate. That has also all gone.

I feel really really sick. I have no self control.  Apparently, I have no other coping mechanism. I have huge compulsive eating problem that I have struggled with for a long time, and I need to fix it.

This week I will be better.

Does a baby mean the end of romance?

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Have you ever noticed how the vast majority of Hollywood romances are only about the courtship period? The “climax” is usually marriage, and the story is how they get from meeting to marrying. That’s the end of the story, the happily ever after.

Only, for most people, that’s only the tiny little bit at the beginning. For my husband and I, it took us 3 years to move in together, 5 years to get engaged, and 7 to get married- and that’s quite slow compared to lots of couples we know! I was only 18 when we met and he was 21, so we were in no rush. But Hollywood tells me that that’s the end- happily ever after. I was only 25! Surely that can’t be the end of the story!

Since we got married, our lives have changed so much. When we got married, we were both doing well in our jobs, and we had disposable income, nice cars, lovely holidays, we had both just lost lots of weight, so we were fit and healthy with fancy new wardrobes. We loved to do things spontaneously, and we loved to spend quiet time together, lazing in bed. We ate out lots, we saw our friends lots, and we were very carefree indeed.

A year later, I got pregnant, and all that changed- the loss of my income so I could be on maternity leave meant no disposable income, and the addition of the Cub meant no time to actually do anything anyway. We toyed with the idea of going on holiday, but the idea of doing a beach holiday with a suitcase of baby paraphernalia in tow, dealing with the logistics of naps and feeding in a strange place was just utterly off putting. I got rid of my fancy car to save money and now we share one- mostly, I walk everywhere.  And we both put on a ton of babyweight and our fancy wardrobes started to mock and jeer at us from the corner of the bedroom. (We are now fixing that issue, slowly but surely!)

Then there’s the exhaustion- the sheer, utter exhaustion. Not just the sleepless nights, but the real loss of time for ourselves, in which to recharge.  We now need to prearrange babysitting for a date night out (date night! I would have laughed at that idea not long ago!) and haven’t even managed a meal out together for two months.

This has been my day for most of the last week:

Awake for most of the night with a teething Cub. Then I get up, get Cub ready, kiss Cub and husband goodbye as they leave for work and nursery, get myself ready, walk to work, do a full day at the office, walk to pick Cub up, walk home, bath Cub, dress Cub, feed Cub, put Cub to bed, say hi to husband, run out the door to the gym, spin, come home, eat whatever I can find, say goodnight to husband, collapse in a heap.

We are like ships passing in the night, and honestly, we talk more over email at work than we probably do at home. So, I ask, how on earth do you make time for romance? How is it possible to fit in actual relationship stuff into real life with a small child? Because I do not want to wake up in 20 years and find that I have an empty childless nest, with a strange bloke in it who I barely know.

Tomorrow, we are going out for a meal together, just the two of us, and I am very very excited. I am excited to be going out with a man who is handsome, funny and caring. I am proud to be going out with a man who is a fantastic father. And I am very, very lucky to be spending an evening with my best friend in the whole world.

Also, I really bloody love tapas.

Maybe there is hope for us yet! Maybe romance isn’t dead. Maybe it’s just having a little break. I certainly hope so.

And the result for January is…

Woo-hoo, I’ve lost 13lb in January!!! You can read all the other Fitness Friday entries at the Monkeying Around blog.

Name: Laura
Blog: Cake and Tea Blog
Twitter: @cakeandtealover
Starting Weight: Loads. That’s all I’m saying.
Target Weight: Lots less!
Amount Lost: 2lb this week. That’s a total of 13lb overall.
Amount to Lose: Now 1st 7lb to get to pre baby weight! Then somewhere in the region of 2.5 stone to get my BMI down to where it should be. It sounds better split in two!
Dress Size: 18
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight: Lots of reasons…. I have a wardrobe full of nice summer clothes that I would love to be able to wear this year. I worked so hard to lose weight before I got pregnant, and I am annoyed at myself for gaining again. And I didn’t reach my final goal last time, so I have unfinished business! I want to prove to myself i can do it. I want my fitness back. And I want to look amazing!
Changes To My Fitness Plan: More running. I really need to be doing some longer distances to get round this half marathon alive. I have started with two 10k runs this week, and will build up my distances over the next month… hopefully!
How I Feel This Week Went:

I’m a bit out of synch with Fitness Friday because I do weekend weigh ins. But today I am covering the last two weigh ins, which brings me back up to date.

Weigh in 1- I put on 1lb! I was gutted! I’d worked my arse off in the gym, and looking back at my entries, there wasn’t much wrong with my diet either. If I had to put the gain down to something, then it could be any of the following-

– Not drinking enough water

– Starting on the mini pill, which sent my body a bit nuts

– Stress and sleeplessness (Cub is feeling much better but still not sleeping well!)

– Still having cold. That does weird things to my body too!

Nonetheless, for whatever reason the result wasn’t great. But what I have learnt is that sometimes you can do everything right and not get the result you want. At those times, you need to take an honest look at what you have done that week, and see if you can do anything differently. And if you really, honestly, truly think there was nothing wrong, then you need to accept that sometimes the scales are bastards, take it with a pinch of salt, and keep going- losing weight is a mental battle as much as it is a physical one, and keeping the motivation going is everything.

So, I had a sulk, dusted myself off, and kept going.  Right up until…

Weigh in 2 – I lost 3lb! Yay! Now, the second week was, on paper, far worse than the first. It included an immense all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet, where I managed to eat 7 slices (I still see “all you can eat” as a competitive sport…) I only managed to exercise 3 times too, which is less than the week before, but somehow, I lost weight this week. Gods of the Scales, I will never understand your freaky little ways.

This left me a total of 13lb down for January! I am so happy with this result, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough. My husband lost 14lb and has won the January weight loss challenge! Well done to him for an amazing result! You can read about his week here.

(Can I just point out that I had a bigger % weight loss though?)

Tips I Would Like To Share:

– Scales are evil. Sometimes you do everything right, and they give you a number you don’t like. Prepare for that to happen, and stay focussed when it does. Don’t let it set you back.

– Setting small goals works best for me- setting a weight loss goal for a month is always good, or setting yourself a goal of losing the next half a stone is another good one. Small steps all add up to a big success!

Fitness Friday: Week 4

And the result of weigh in number two is…. -3lb! I am very, very pleased indeed, as I had such a big loss last week and didn’t really expect to lose anything. Here’s how my week went. You can read all the other Fitness Friday entries at the Monkeying Around blog.

Name: Laura
Blog: Cake and Tea Blog
Twitter: @cakeandtealover
Starting Weight: Loads. That’s all I’m saying.
Target Weight: Lots less!
Amount Lost: 3lb this week! That’s a total of 11lb overall.
Amount to Lose: Now 1st 9lb to get to pre baby weight! Then somewhere in the region of 2.5 stone to get my BMI down to where it should be. It sounds better split in two!
Dress Size: 18
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight: Lots of reasons…. I have a wardrobe full of nice summer clothes that I would love to be able to wear this year. I worked so hard to lose weight before I got pregnant, and I am annoyed at myself for gaining again. And I didn’t reach my final goal last time, so I have unfinished business! I want to prove to myself i can do it. I want my fitness back. And I want to look amazing!
Changes To My Fitness Plan: Not really planning any severe changes, but I am going out for a 7 mile run with my husband this weekend.  We haven’ t run together since before I was pregnant, so I am strangely excited about it! It’ll be like a weird, sweaty date!
How I Feel This Week Went: The bug of doom is still lingering in our household, and really got hold of me at the weekend, so I had a couple of days off exercise. I didn’t let this get me off track with my diet, so I still ate well. I’m really pleased that this didn’t set me back too much, as sometimes a couple of days out of your routine is enough to get you off track completely.

I have started tracking what I eat at Livestrong, which is a free site where you can track what you eat and the exercise that you do, and also make some pretty weight loss graphs! I’m finding this really helpful, as I always think making yourself accountable by tracking everything that goes into your mouth is a great way to stay focussed.

This week, I have started on the mini pill to control my bonkers PMT, and it seems to be doing weird things to my body… so if I post a gain next week I will need lots of support to keep me on track please!!

Also, does anyone have any tips for reminding yourself to drink more water through the day? I am rubbish at this, and I’m sure I’m permanently dehydrated- not good when you’re exercising and breastfeeding!

Tips I Would Like To Share:

– Try one of the free food tracking websites, they’re really easy to use and really motivating when you see yourself do well.

– Preparation is everything.  If you’re going out to eat, check menus online beforehand, and choose a healthy option, so you know what you’re having before you get there. I find if I turn up to a restaurant hungry, I am inclined to order one of everything!