Hurrah, I broke my plateau! Then ate some pies.

About a month ago now, I posted that I was struggling with a weight loss plateau, and that I was aiming to break through it in two weeks.

I’d like to report that I did it! In those two weeks, I lost 4lb! I didn’t really do anything special, just a real back to basics approach- tracking what I ate religiously, cutting out processed food, and making sure I got enough exercise in.

Just goes to show that a little bit of focus can really pay off!

But then, I went on holiday! And, my god, did I take my eye off the ball! I ate far too much cake, too many big meals out, just too much of everything. And since getting back at the weekend, I’ve struggled to get back on the wagon, big style. The 4lb has gone back on… though I’m not totally despairing because it’s also time of the month for me right now. I’m attributing the gain to excess water and ignoring the level of pie consumption…

What I need is a cunning plan.

In 5 weeks, me and the husband are off to Rome. ¬†Alone! With no cub! I am so excited I could actually squeal. So that’s my next milestone. I’d like to be 5lb lighter than I was 10 days ago, before I started stuffing my face again.

That will mean that I only have 3lb of baby weight to shift, and take me to a loss of 2st 3lb since 1st Jan.

This is me taking a deep breath and reluctantly getting back on the lettuce wagon. Sensible food and lots of exercise for just one month. How hard can that be?

Goodbye cake…. for now… but in 5 weeks time, bring on the gelato, pizza, and pasta!